District of Asia, Canete Lima - Perú

Bordered on the north by the "district of Mala", the east by the "Coayllo district, the south by the" District of Quilmaná "and" Blue Hill district and the west by the "Pacific Ocean".

The "Asian district" was created by Benito Chumpitaz Chavez "in 1964 and became its first mayor of the" District of Asia ", Province of Canete.

In their neighborhoods, and near the mouth of the creek Omas, is an archaeological site preceramic. It features the remains of a small town, with its own cemetery. Excavations have revealed several rooms and passages deposits whose walls are made of large rectangular adobes. Its age could be traced up to 1110 a.

"The district of Asia, which occupies an area of 219.36 km²; before Coayllo belonged to the district., The district capital, "The people of Asia" is situated 100 km south of Lima, and has a Most of the population works in the boulevard in Asia either in construction and various services. A portion of the population works in agriculture, the main crops include fruit trees, olive trees and vines.

The celebration of the anniversary of "Asian district" will be held on 24 July. Typical dishes of the area include dry soup, ceviche and carapulcra.
The district of Asia has reached a high level, growth in real estate, commercial dynamism, and human development, are achievements that the "City of Asia" promises to reverse them in improving services and quality of life of local people.

"The beaches of Asia" is in the area known as Boulevard of Asia
Asia is bordered on the north by the district of San Antonio (beaches of La Ensenada, San Antonio, Sleeping Lion) and the district south of Cerro Azul (Beach El Barrancadero, Chepeconde, Lomas del Mar, Puerto Feel, Punta Corrientes Gallardo, Wolves and Kings).
The district has numerous beaches Asia. Among the best known are (from north to south): Costa del Golf, Las Totoritas, Las Palmas, Los Cocos, Scripture Union, Bujama, Asia, Chocalla, Cayma, Sarapampa, Huaycamp, Valdivia (Country Club de Villa), Toothpick, Mystery. Most of these beaches are private.